It is a professional who is in charge of managing the online community of a brand or company creating and maintaining relationships with its clients, the Community Manager is available to all companies since its cost depends on the hours of dedication requested and cost that is not expense, but investment.


1- Develop a Social Media Plan establishing the strategies to be carried out in each of the social networks with the choice of content to distribute.

2- Apply the Social Media Plan

3- Invigorate and interact with the community

4- Monitor the publications and traffic of the web page, elaboration of statistical reports and results. Analysis of the results for the application of corrective actions and optimization of the Social Media Plan strategies to meet the objectives and establish the best days and hours to publish content on each of the social networks.


1- Improve the brand image: it is essential to have an attractive, current and updated website linked to our social media profiles, which have to be optimized offering a more coherent image between the online and offline of the company, unifying headers , logos, images, publications, colors, etc. Your brand must communicate a unique image, that customers recognize your brand. Today, everyone searches for everything on the Internet, so our presence in the online world is essential

2- You will improve customer service: you have to interact quickly and empathize with the comments and interactions of users on social networks, customer service is key for the differentiation and growth of the brand or company.

3- Online reputation: directly related to customer service. We must constantly take care of our online and offline reputation since our offline reputation can be reflected in our online reputation, but it is key to take offline to online, since happy customers will be our best online presentation letter in the case of receiving critics.

The Community Manager will manage crises professionally, reacting quickly and effectively, monitoring and communicating with the community.

4- Value content distribution / Content Marketing: to nurture social networks a large volume of content is needed, but finding good content takes time. The Community Manager works on content curation, that is, on the collection of information and content of relevant value for the brand or company, organizing it and presenting it in different formats for the different social networks, to achieve greater community interaction.

In addition, the Community Manager will be up to date on current topics and trends related to content of value for your company.

5- Increase in web traffic: all the audience and community that we have achieved in social media should go to your website, our online presence will facilitate the arrival of new clients to our brand or company thanks to the content shared on social networks.

6- Analysis of results of social networks and web traffic: it is necessary to establish the correct kpi’s and subsequently perform an analysis of the metrics with the results reports based on the established objectives, being able to make decisions for the optimization of our strategy based on the results obtained.

Being a user of social networks does not mean that they know how to use social networks in a professional way, as a curious fact I will tell you that… having asked people in my environment about what is the social network that they think they would professionally manage better? The answer was unanimous … Facebook … well … I would dare to say that it is the most complicated social network to manage from a business point of view, in a future post I will reflect on it.

Taken from: MireiaRMartinez

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